Master Park Bok Nam

6th Generation Lineage Holder | Lu Jia Qiang Shan Ba Gua Zhang Association

Master Bok Nam Park

Master Park is one of the most skilled practitioners and instructors of the art alive today. 

He studied the art of Ba Gua Zhang for 17 years under his teacher Lu Shui-Tian. Master Park started training with Lu in 1960, when he was 18 years old. From 1960 to 1978, the only thing that Master Park did was study and practice Ba Gua. 

Master Park Bok-Nam excelled under the rigorous training regimen imposed by his teacher, and was ultimately chosen by Lu Shui-Tian to be his successor. Through his experiences as a student under Lu’s watchful eye, Master Park developed a very sound and thorough Ba Gua Zhang training program.

Master Park began teaching Ba Gua in Korea in 1970. He continued in the tradition of Lu Shui-Tian and became widely acknowledged for his high level of skill as a Ba Gua practitioner and instructor. In 1987, Master Park moved to the United States and opened a school in Richmond, Virginia – where he established his headquarters.

Lu Shui-T'ien with his number one disciple, Park Bok Nam, in 1974